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How it all started

good, genuine, Italian

In the sixties of the last century Ferdinando Muraca began the marketing of chestnuts in Cicala, a small mountain town in the province of Catanzaro.

His five children, inheriting the great experience, fairness, professionalism and passion for work and for their land, followed in the footsteps of their father by founding Muraca Srl in 1983, extending their entrepreneurial skills also to fruit and vegetable products that Calabria offers in a rich, genuine and healthy way.

La Muraca Srl has managed to improve the quality of food products, establishing itself on national and international markets, bringing the good taste of Mediterranean flavors to the tables of the whole world.

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Muraca products in brief

Mediterranean flavors, scents of the South, artisanal recipes, the (re) discovery of Italian cuisine.

The quality of the product is born already in the procurement phase, thanks to a careful selection of suppliers .

It is company practice to plan and plan the various cultivation methods and field checks with the direct Calabrian farmers.

The raw materials purchased are selected through rigorous and in-depth analyzes, adapting our production to the health regulations of the various countries.

Muraca Srl has obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 certification. In addition, the company is registered with US FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION.


in numeri

Per la lavorazione delle castagne:

impianti di sterilizzazione, nastri di scelta, confezionatrice, spazzolatrice, calibratrici, essiccatoi, mulino, celle frigo, selezionatrici ottiche.

Per la lavorazione dei prodotti ortofrutticoli:

una sala di lavorazione e produzione con linea di prelavaggio/lavaggio/cernita, linea di lavaggio e dissalazione, lavatrice e spazzolatrice, forno di cottura e grigliatura, taglierine, cubettatrici, capsulatrice/colmatrice, tunnel di pastorizzazione, etichettatrice, pallettizzatore.


strutture con attrezzature moderne e all'avanguardia


tonnellate di castagne lavorate ogni anno


tonnellate di prodotti selezionati lavorati annualmente


laboratorio analisi interno


metri quadrati di superficie aziendale

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