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#BiodiverCity Erasmus+

BiodiverCity Erasmus+ is a project promoted by the European Union that aims at inclusiveness, "green" and an affirmation of it in the digital world.

The 45 young people from Lithuania, Slovakia, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia and Italy carried out activities related to nature, biodiversity and its respect, local culture and tradition and the development of small villages in the Calabrian hinterland such as Cicala.

A project supported by the Terra Mater Association of Cicala, with which we share the same values of inclusion and promotion of the territory, which deals with territorial promotion and development, protection of biodiversity, environmental education and enhancement of traditions.

The 45 young people were able to see the company and participate in the production processes that take place within it.

We are very proud of what happened and thank the Terra Mater Association for it.

We hope to collaborate again in the future.


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