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Muraca tomato puree conquers Seoul - CalabriaFocus

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The owners of the five Calabrian companies that took part in the Food & Hotel fair in Seoul are back enthusiastic. Thanks to the Chamber of Commerce of Catanzaro and its special company PromoCatanzaro Delizie di Calabria s.r.l., Caseificio Fiore di Sant'Anna, Sapori Antichi, Dolcon s.r.l. and Muraca s.r.l. they have broken down borders and brought their products to a market in which some of them have already been operating for some time.

This is the case of Muraca s.r.l. whose face is represented by its vice president Tiziana Muraca.

We asked her how this experience in Korea went.

La Muraca s.r.l. already exports to Japan. I know the Asian market very well. However, we jumped at the opportunity offered to us by PromoCatanzaro because we are convinced that the Seoul market offers many opportunities.

What were the stages of this journey?

We went to the location where the event took place. And we stayed there for four days: from 21st to 24th May. We have had the opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs and companies from all over the world: from the USA to Italy, from Japan to China to Africa via the United Arab Emirates.

What has been the feedback with local users?

"Very positive. They are slow in giving answers because, first, they make a careful evaluation of the operations. The attractions last, sometimes, a year".

What are your most requested products abroad?

"Passata, peppers extract (of which we have the brand). From this year we are also starting with the chilli supply chain. We also have a line of creams and pâté. We also process chestnuts".

Are there any other missions planned?

"At the end of August we will go to Brazil. In October in Paris and at the end of June in New York. But the best of all remains in Parma with the Cibus Connect fair".

Thanks to CalabriaFocus.

Tiziana Muraca e Daniele Rossi
Tiziana Muraca e Daniele Rossi - foto >

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