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The Adv Muraca campaign on Salumi&Consumi is underway

Full article on Salumi & Consumi, Year II, Number 12 - December 2018

Our Adv campaign has started in the monthly magazine Salumi&Consumi; in the December 2018 issue there is also an interview with our Tiziana Muraca for the Special Spicy, which we report below.


"The company, based in Cicala (CZ), was founded in 1983, specializing in the production of chestnuts - an activity already begun in the 1960s - and Calabrian fruit and vegetables. Among these, a significant part is made up of a series of productions destined for the spicy sector: spicy pepper extract in 580cc jar, 1062cc jar, 2650cc can, 5Kg aseptic bag. Then there is the classic 'Nduja in 314cc jar and 156cc jar; the Ortolana in 314cc and 580cc jar; the Calabrian whim in 1062cc, 314cc and 156cc jar.

As for the pluses of our productions, it is worth highlighting the Calabrian raw material by Calabrian consortia and farms. These products are largely destined for cured meat factories (40%), but also for distributors in the sector (30%), butchers (7%) and Horeca (3%). The incidence of private labels in the spicy segment is 20% on total turnover.

Finally, all Muraca productions are in great demand also abroad: in particular, we are present in Australia, Canada, Japan, USA and Brazil.

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