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Recipe - Morzello di Baccalà | [Chef Mariarita Bruno]

Il morzello di baccalà ideato dallo Chef Mariarita Bruno e dal suo collega Vincenzo Mancuso
Morzello di Baccalà - Chefs Mariarita Bruno and Vincenzo Mancuso

Today we would like to present a new interpretation of the classic Morzello di Baccalà: Chef Mariarita Bruno, who works at Don Giovanni Bistrot, and her colleague Vincenzo Mancuso have created a modern masterpiece from what is actually a classic recipe of Calabrian cuisine.

According to the chef, the process is "very simple"! We will try to explain the steps, but if you want to try this masterpiece, we advise you to taste it directly from the chef.

The sauce is made with our tomato puree and cooked with rosemary (i.e. the typical flavours of Morzello).

The cod, on the other hand, is cooked in oil: the oil reaches a temperature of 65 °C and penetrates the heart of the cod, preserving its flavour. Finally, a rosemary coral is placed on top so that a crispy and fragrant part can be enjoyed!


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